Introductions all around

Welcome to EastCoastTours, a blog following the East Coast road trip of Uzbekistan native, Rifat Vahitov, and American native, Steven Chevalia. We are Calvin undergrads who have decided to view America in a fast and effective way. We will be stopping at Niagra Falls, New York City, Washington DC, Jacksonville (FL), and Orlando (FL). On our way back to Calvin we might be stopping at Nashville, TN.

This blog will be following our day-to-day travel and will be writing both in English and Russian. Rifat will be writing in both languages and Steven will be writing in English or some made-up language that looks like Russian.

So, over the next two days, we will be figuring out our final details and posting a little bit about our preparations. Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy our commentary on our trip.

-Steven Chevalia

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2 Responses to Introductions all around

  1. azimsky says:

    or some made-up language that looks like Russian.

    I often see such ‘looks-like-Russian’ language in movies or PC games.
    It looks weird. Like ‘Hdhjk hdhdjk dfsndjs’

  2. azimsky says:

    …and – nice video!

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