Day 1

Rifat and I will be leaving Calvin College at around 3 PM to head to Buffalo, New York. Our E.T.A is about 10-11 PM.

Tomorrow morning, Rifat and I will be starting our day around the Niagra Falls. Pictures/videos will be uploaded either tomorrow night or around noon. We will be leaving the Buffalo, New York area at around 1-2 PM so we can arrive at Long Island, New York at around 10-11 PM.

It has been a little more than a year, I think, since I was last at Niagra Falls. I went with my Father and Mother and stayed at a casino/hotel where I was able to be an adult and waste money like an adult. Ahh, learning experiences with parents to keep me from making bigger mistakes. (Thank goodness they won’t be with me this time…) although, Rifat and I will not actually be entering the Canadian side so I guess it doesn’t matter anyway…stupid student visa’s.

Have you ever been in Canada? When was the last time? What did you do?

Take care guys,

– Steven Chevalia

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