Day 2–Post #1

Woke up a little bit ago, got out of the Calvary Chapel where we spent the night, and whose pastor and workers are awesome and treated us with such kindness it was unbelievable.

Pictures of the church will be up, hopefully with this post. Also, I have a video from yesterday that will hopefully be up today. Listen to me ramble about completely useless and irrelevant information concerning an apple and redundancy. Oh, I edited all that out, nevermind. To give you an idea of how much rambling I do, I cut the video down from 1:20 to about 0:40.

Enjoy the pictures, movie, and post the kindest thing a church has done for you when you needed help. Was it your church, or were you a stranger asking for help?

Take care guys,

-Steven Chevalia

For your viewing pleasure:

3/17 – Pictures


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One Response to Day 2–Post #1

  1. azimsky says:

    Надо было вам объеденить два видео-ролика в один поток, чтоб на одном экране видеть, что вы снимали каждый на свою камеру. Как идея 😉

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