Day 4, Post 1

Sore feet, fun sights, smooth ferry, fantastic sunrise/set, and surprising facts.

All these, and more. Manhattan is big and each block you walk down is one-twentieth of a mile, I think.

Some places Rifat and I visited:

Rockefeller Plaza – 72 stories in the air, this building is one of the tallest in New York.

Times Square – So much bigger in person, at nighttime, it feels like day because of all the advertisements that play 24/7.

Broadway – In a small park on Broadway St. we saw a Shake Shack (or soemthing like that) with a line of well over two-hundred people most of whmo had waited most of life in.

Semi-Circle Cruise – Went on a two hour cruise that went along the shore-line of Manhattan and got up close and personal with “Lady Liberty”.

McDonalds & Starbucks – Every other block, and even many blocks in a row, had at least one McDonalds and Starbucks.

MIB – You guys remember that scene from Men in Black where there’s the globe and that alien bug is climbing into the spaceships right next to it? Rifat and I saw those, and they are part of the only building remaining from the world’s fair.

Rifat and I will be posting more details as the day goes on. I think we are going to spend most of today just resting, we are both extremely tired. My day started at 4 AM (yesterday) and ended at 12 AM today. I have been up now since about 6 AM and am going to work on some homework.

Take care guys, and if you wouldn’t mind, please post a word or two of thanks to our wonderful hosts: Mary Anne and John.

When is the last time strangers did something incredibly kind for you? Why did they? Are you still in contact with them?

-Steven Chevalia

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2 Responses to Day 4, Post 1

  1. Tim Chevalia says:

    John & Mary Anne,

    Thank you most kindly from the depths of our parental hearts for your most gracious hospitality and help for Rifat and Steven’s great American adventure. We so appreciate your efforts and kindness.

    Tim & Carol Chevalia

  2. John & Mary Ann says:

    Dear Tim & Carol,
    What a real nice time my husband, John & I had with your son, Steven and Rifat. They were so fun and it was a joy to watch them get excited about all they were going to see.
    On the day of their city adventure, we had given them maps and gave them some guidance on where might be fun to go, but were somewhat nervous. They would be going it alone and although they are young men, the parents in us came out! Well, fortunately, we were able to drive them in. After going over the 59th Street Bridge (with the city just an incredible sight at that point), I dropped them off at the corner of Central Park and Fifth Avenue. We stopped at a light, I told them we were there, they had to quickly get out and I had to keep moving. As I drove away, they just had the biggest smiles on and I just prayed that God would guide them through the day. He did too!
    Anyway, they were a pleasure. We are excited for the rest of their adventure.
    John & Mary Ann

    PS. I did a van trip with my younger sister to Nova Scotia when I was 20. I will never forget the adventure.

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