DC Tomorrow

Rifat and I are waking up at 5 AM tomorrow, hoping to be out of NY and on the road by 6:00-6:30 AM. The drive to DC will be one long straight shot, most likely. When we get there, we will visit just a few of the major attractions, spending no more than three or four hours.

Taking off again, we will head south on I-95 and try to get a few hours away from DC before stopping for the night.

More to come on this tomorrow, with pictures and videos of DC.

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One Response to DC Tomorrow

  1. John & Mary Ann says:

    Hey Guys, Steven, what time did YOU want to be on the road?! What a beautiful day you had to explore DC. Hope you found Mad & Jeff! 🙂 We found ourselves wanting to hear the latest from the East Coast Explorers but hello! but there is nothing posted. It is 10 pm, hope you are not still hunting for KOA!
    John & Mary Ann, Gabrielle and Brooke

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