Corporate Sponsorship (Not Really)

About three hours after my last blog post, I got a message from Twitter that said “Michigan McDonald’s is now following you on Twitter”. Their marketing managers are watching out for blog posts such as mine.

Right now, I’m enjoying a sweet tea in the best area of America to get it. A southeastern McDonalds. Love those teas $1.09, with tax, and as many refills as your heart desires.

Since they’re watching this blog now, I just want to say for them to read: If the next coffee at McDonald’s is on the house, I will continue to use your franchise in my blog.

With this kind of corporate sponsorship on a long roadtrip, my roommate and I will be able to spend more money on necessary travel needs and not comfort travel needs.

Thank you.

When was the last time you were corporately sponsored?

-Steven Chevalia

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One Response to Corporate Sponsorship (Not Really)

  1. azimsky says:

    Blessed be free wi-fi hotspots 😉

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