McDonalds @ 7 AM

Wow. The past twenty-four hours for Rifat and I have been hectic. After leaving John and Marry Anne’s house, we went straight to DC. The driving in DC was not as bad as in downtown Manhattan, where Rifat and I found ourselves at the beginning of the day, but it is always a little stressful driving in the downtown area of a city you are unfamiliar with.

We arrived at about 3 or 4 P.M. and stayed until about 8 PM, at which point both of us were fed-up with sight-seeing and wanted to be on a beach. Rifat drove straight through until midnight while I slept. At 4 AM this morning I woke up and got driving right away. It is now 7(ish) and I am pretty wiped out.

Rifat is asleep in the car and I am blogging in a McDonald’s welcome to the life of a college roadtrip. We will be in Jacksonville, Florida today in the early afternoon.

We have pictures to upload from NYC, DC, and some random videos of both places. It is very hard to upload media at the speed of McDonald’s WiFi so I am not going to attempt that here.

Hope all of you are doing well. Thanks to John and Mary Anne. (I wanted to leave at about 6 AM, but fell asleep at 5:50 AM while waiting for Rifat to wake up. Although, the traffic in NYC was not too bad.)

Thanks for keeping up with us guys. My camera is almost full, so the next uploading we will do is going to be big. I’m going to try to get rid of bad/repeat photos, but I cannot promise to spend too much time on it.

We are both looking forward to this Wednesday/Thursday, when we will be joining Dean of Residency (at Calvin College) Jay Wise at his parents’ house in Florida. (Yes, apparently deans have lives outside of schools as well, odd isn’t it?)

God Bless, everyone.

When is the last time you spent twenty-four hours in a car (if you ever have)?

-Steven Chevalia

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  1. azimsky says:

    Switchfoot – Twenty Four. Love this song!

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