Beach Bazaar

Here’s one more (possible) corporate sponsor. The ladies down at “Beach Bazzar” have promised me a piece of candy for each customer, who pays more than $10, that we send their way. If you are by Daytona Beach anytime soon, make sure to stop by and say Rifat and I sent you.

Their address is 203 N. Atlantic Avenue and their e-mail is

It is a very nice store, with lovely employees, and a lot of seashells. Also, they are easily insulted if you make fun of them or their shop. Don’t ask how I know.

So, stop on by when you are in Daytona and tell them two guys on an “eastcoasttour” sent you and Steven will enjoy a “fun” sized snicker’s bar for each $10 spent (we promised them marketing, never said it would be free though. I think.)

What was the last vacation/party town you stopped at? Did you visit any of the local shops or did you do less touristy things?

Take care and thanks for keeping up with Roomates unleashed.

-Steven Chevalia (Pictures to come in next day or two)

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