McDonald Again

Still waiting to hear if McDonald’s is going to sponsor us with free coffee drinks, I’m keeping my hopes up.

But with all the advertising I’ve done for them I think I deserve at least one free coffee.

Been hanging out here for about two hours now, talking with the local old-fellas and making a lot of racket.

One was a child psychologist born into a lot of money who has three houses. One in Michigan’s UP, one in Daytona (small condo), and his main house in Virginia.

Another owns a car shop, like my grandfather did, whose sons are running it now, like my uncle.

A few of the other guys are out here just because they wanted to go somewhere warm when they retired. All have been around early 60s to late 80s.

One of them fell from a scaffold a number of years ago and something from the fall damaged his arms so he cannot move them. Although, he used this to his advantage and when he walked, pacing the McDonald lobby area, he would swing his legs and watch his arms fly around like a couple of broken pendulums.

Fun times. Reminds me of hanging out with my grandfather and some of the local folks out in Marseilles, Illinois.

When was the last time you talked to someone who has lived a full life and accomplished something you hope you can achieve the same or better at some point in your life?

-Steven Chevalia

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3 Responses to McDonald Again

  1. Laura Brask says:

    Hi Steven!
    I’m totally following your tour! It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun.
    A cute story- last year for a school project I was talking to my grandpa about his life and our ancestors. He had all these old artifacts, one of which was my grandma’s high school year book. In the yearbook was a picture of my grandparents at their high school prom! My grandpa read what he wrote to her a long time ago and started to cry. She passed away about 18 years ago. Someday, I want to find someone that loves me that much and for that long, and who I love the same way.

    • I wrote a really long reply and then accidentally deleted it…

      Suffice it to say: you should tap into stories like that as often as possible. Now that audio recorders come in such small sizes it is easy to take one along, always ask before you turn it on, and place it out of sight so the person you’re talking with isn’t distracted by the recording device but knows that it is still a one-on-one conversation that you plan on writing up or listening to again in the future.

      Also, today is our last full day in Florida. We head back tomorrow at some point. Thanks for following, it is very good to hear from you.

      -Steven Chevalia

      • Laura Brask says:

        It’s good to hear from you too!
        I actually got a lot of really great family stories out of the project I was talking about, along with a detailed family tree. I’ve sent it around to my extended family in hopes that one day someone is interested by it. I want to show it to my own kids someday so they know a little about what they come from.

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