Rifat and I walked (more likely: ran) into our apartment today at about 7 PM.

On the mini-van’s odometer: 3,823.2 mi

This was done in 10 days. W (16) -Sa (26).

On average, we drove: 382.3 miles per day. If we drove this much per day, for sixty-five days, we would be able to go all the way around the earth (measured at the equator). {Google: 24,901.55 [mi] / 382.3 [mi/day] = 65.14 [days]}

Pictures and Videos to come. For now, we rest.

Thanks for following guys, continue to check back every now and then for the next week as we will be updating pictures and telling some individual stories.

-Steven Chevalia

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3 Responses to Home

  1. evergreen77 says:

    Oh, my poor van.

    Where were you when it hit the 100,000-miles mark?

  2. I forget, I’m going to have to check with Rifat, but I know it was pretty early on.

    I’m thinking it was in NYC, but not positive.

  3. azimsky says:

    some statistics at last 😉

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